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Lettuce Feast CookBook

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A new plant-based cookbook here to show the world that eating a vegan or vegetarian diet can be bold, flavorful, and exciting!

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4 reviews for Lettuce Feast CookBook

  1. 5 out of 5

    As someone who always loved all kinds of food but decided to pursue vegetarianism/veganism because of digestive issues and food anxiety, LETTUCE FEAST is an amazing solution to all of my carnivorous cravings. I appreciate that almost all of the recipes are vegan, but can be easily adjusted to include dairy-based cheese if I so choose. A lot of times, vegan recipes add more salt or seasonings or other fillers when calling for vegan cheese, in order to ensure similar flavors as compared to dairy-based cheese. LETTUCE FEAST does not. Substitutions are simple. Plus, the recipes in this book?? They’re either brilliantly creative and exciting or the perfect vegan variation of a classic meal. Thank you Eva, for your work on this amazing cookbook! Let us feast!

    October 12, 2017
  2. Eva

    “I’ve recently made the transition to vegan and your book has a made it a whole lot easier, being that I had little knowledge of what it took to be vegan. Thank you lots (: 🖤 ” -Emani B

    October 13, 2017
  3. Eva

    “To be honest had not tried any of the recipes, until today. It is rainy and cool, perfect day for chili. I never give feedback to anyone about anything, but WOW!! Everyone loves your chili. I can’t wait to give some other recipes a try.

    Continued growth” – Erik G

    October 13, 2017
  4. Eva

    “I bought a copy for myself and a good friend of mine since she had just gone vegan/plant based and I wanted to show her my support since she felt like she was doing it alone and a lot of people criticized her for it. I figured that I’d try it with her and we could make things together and seek out places that offered those options with a good twist to make it exciting.

    I follow you on twitter and I loved the idea of it and your tweets and photos of the things you made sound incredible; the second your cookbook came out I knew I needed it!

    The food in it (at least what I’ve tried thus far) is delicious! I thought going plant based was going to be difficult (and painful because I love to eat haha) but it’s been a smooth journey for me because of your cookbook. I have a suuuper sweet tooth so the desserts section had me ready to throw a party lol

    Thank you so much for creating this, I feel like a new person. My body feels great, I don’t feel foggy, and I’m enjoying the excitement of trying different things every week!

    Oh also, shoutout to you for making it both hard cover and have the purchase come with a download for my iPhone! That was genius!!

    Thanks again for these amazing recipes & for making my journey into a new diet delicious!

    Cheers” -Dina A

    October 13, 2017

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