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Alkaline Water – A Divine H2O

Today I want to have a conversation about water, specifically Alkaline water.


You may be wondering what’s the difference between Alkaline Water and regular water. Well theres actually quite a few differences; Alkaline water has excess oxygen and more alkaline minerals than general tap water. It is highly oxygenated water with the oxygen in the stable bias OH- form that is needed by our cells. Each of these ions is bonded with an alkaline mineral in the all important colloidal form. At pH between 8 to 10, ionized alkaline water will have 100’s of times more excess oxygen then neutral tap water and no acid elements or toxic substances in it.

We all know how important it is to drink water, mainly because its a large percentage of what we are made of. But not all water is made equal, a lot of bottled water that is widely available is VERY acidic. There are plenty of youtube videos that show exactly which water brands are alkaline or acidic.

alkaline water

I personally get ALL my water from A Divine H2O, A divine H2O has 3 locations located in the Los Angeles area and offer a delivery service; not only do they offer magnificent high PH alkaline water but they also have a wide array of juices, smoothies, raw vegan desserts, an oxygen bar, AND a 21 day full body detox program! What I love about this water is that it’s not only just about the water, they also add a spiritual aspect to all of their products by blessing the everything on site.

They focus on the chakras and all the things that empower our inner divine self. The owners are such beautiful people inside and out! They believe so highly in their product not only because it worked personally for them, but they have received such high praises from everyday people, doctors, athletes, and celebs. Another thing I love is that they give back to the community by feeding the hungry every last Sunday of every single month. You can help give back by joining them (for more information check out their website)

a divine h2oa divine h2o

In this very informational video below the owner of A divine H2O explains why alkaline water and an alkaline lifestyle is SO essential to not only your health but all around well-being!

A divine H2O is one of the purest waters I have ever tasted and I find myself now drinking a lot more water ever since I have discovered them. You HAVE to keep yourself hydrated and this water makes it so much easier. I always drink plenty water and eat lots of hydrating fruits after my workouts to replenish what I lost. Also I cook with it as much as possible to avoid the use of tap water and nasty chemicals that may be in it.

alkaline water

So if you’re interested in trying their water, juices, or other great products you should check out one of their 3 stores, follow them on Instagram @adivineh2o, or just check out their website!

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